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Simone Lord | Lifestyle Consultant

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Simone Lord. I am the operations manager for Business Growth Mindset, an international strategic business advisory firm. I manage a corporate career in addition to running my own Lifestyle consultancy business. I am committed to helping families find the balance between being a successful business owner or a career achiever whilst maintaining your physical and emotional wellbeing for yourself and your family.

Alongside my qualifications in accounting, professional development and leadership, I am a personal trainer and an endorsed precision health alliance coach. Leading by example, and raising my 3 young boys whilst sharing my commitment to business success with an emphasis on physical and emotional wellbeing is my mission.

What’s your passion for the cause? Why did you become an ambassador for World Resiliency Day?

I am passionate about serving the community by contributing on the board of the Illawarra Women’s Health Centre alongside my ambassador roles for Fortem Australia and the Dalgarno Institute. 

The Dalgarno Institute is an important cause to support as I can relate to various perspectives in our society regarding the war on drugs. My family members have endured the struggles of addiction and I have experienced first hand how this can destroy lives. I’m also an avid supporter of our frontline service workers who risk their lives everyday to keep our communities safe. 

What are your contributions?

I look forward to contributing to the Dalgarno institute by advocating my voice to say NO to drugs, to bring these conversations to the forefront of our society so we can make more informed choices for ourselves and our loved ones. 


Simone Lord is a keynote speaker, women’s health specialist, lifestyle coach, mentor, and family finance advisor.

Phone: 0408 259 905
Address: Sydney, NSW

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