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World Resiliency Week 2024 – The Faces of Resilience

Resilience H.E.R.O.E.S are the New Champs of the community.

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Prevention, Sobriety &

Abstinence -
The Real Rebellion

wrd 2024
world resiliency day 2024
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It’s time to change the view.

Resilience H.E.R.O.E.S are the New Champs of the community. If building #resilient communities – if proactive prevention and demand reduction are the priorities for your communities and their families? Then this year’s World Resiliency Day and World Drug Day, go hand in hand.

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wrd 2024
wrd 2024
World resiliency day 2024
Changing The Narrative

World Resiliency Week 2024 – The Faces of Resilience

United Nations World Drug Day theme this year is… ‘The Evidence is Clear – Invest in Prevention!’

Building resilient communities starts with building resilient kids in resilient families, and substance use has no place in this vital arena.

There are tens of millions of ex-substance users, the majority who (by their own admission) barely escaped the ‘rabbit hole’ that is Drug Use – Along with this Recovery Alumni there are 100’s of millions of families and children who are wondering why three powerful protective, health and well-being maximising words are being erased from the Western culture lexicon?

wrd 2024
wrd 2024
wrd 2024
wrd 2024
World Resiliency Week 2024 –

Prevention, Sobriety and Abstinence.

This overwhelming silent majority are being ignored or (more often worse) mocked for wanting the very best health and mental health for their families and communities.

Told, directly or tacitly, that substance use is ‘normal’, relatively harmless and just ‘part of growing up’.

Who is driving this toxic agenda, and how did they get such traction in the Western Public Square? (That is not too difficult a question to answer, but you need to look for yourself.)

The faux faces of pop-culture cool are posters for this persona unravelling conduct and it’s time to change the lens.

Whitewashing these culture and community ‘wrecking balls’ is the sales pitch of ‘cool’. But it’s only selling harm! This Social Media driven game aims to hide the growing short and long-term harms from this toxic culture – and is online ‘noise’ is getting the all too easily attracted attention of every more easy to manipulate kids.

World resiliency day 2024
wrd 2024
wrd 2024
The Faces of Resiliency

It’s time for a new lens.

This World Resiliency Day, start looking beyond the façade of social media and purported ‘fun’ to the faces that make communities stronger, safer and healthier – The Faces of Resilience.

The United Nation’s Office of Drugs and Crime has launched CH.AM.P.S?

CHAMPS is an initiative of the UNODC, and it aims to amplify the resilience of children from birth to adolescence and by doing so preventing the use of drugs and other outcomes sharing a similar vulnerability faced by children as they grow. WRD continues to pioneer this vital development space.

Abstinence - The Real Rebellion

CHAMPS are H.E.R.O.E.S in the making and become Health Empowering Resilient Operators Enhancing Society.

world resiliency day 2024

Raise Awareness

Highlight the immense benefits of abstinence on individuals and communities alike.

world resiliency day 2024

Encourage Change

Inspire positive behavioural shifts towards healthier lifestyle choices, especially among our youth.

world resiliency day 2024

Foster Support

Build a supportive environment that respects and uplifts those who choose an abstinent lifestyle.

Promote Discussion

Initiate meaningful conversations about sustainable living, emphasising the impact of personal choices on global challenges.

World resiliency day 2024

Empower Individuals

Show how abstinence can be a form of rebellion that leads to a more resilient and nurturing world.

Abstinence – The Real Rebellion – The Real Resilience.

Abstinence - The Real Rebellion

How You Can Take Action

World Resiliency Day is more than just a one-day event; it's a movement that aims to create lasting change in the lives of teenagers worldwide. Through interactive podcasts, engaging activities, and empowering discussions, our campaign supports young people in developing the skills they need to overcome peer pressure, resist negative influences, and make healthy choices.

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