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Building Family Resilience Because Every Brain Matters

Drug entrepreneurs are pushing to profit by normalizing and expanding marijuana use with well-funded campaigns and policies that target vulnerable populations. These campaigns are purposely misleading the public about the harms that come with marijuana use. 

To build community resilience and counter these false narratives with science-based facts, I, Aubree Adams, a former Colorado mom, and other families who have loved ones severely damaged or killed by marijuana’s effects formed a community called Every Brain Matters (EBM). Our primary mission is to educate about the health and environmental dangers of marijuana by supporting and advocating for healthy families and communities.


EBM empowers families with education to prepare them for this new era of industrialized marijuana that promotes potent flavored vapes and candies. We have research-backed materials that show the short and long-term effects of THC on the body. We also have informational printable pamphlets that explain what is cannabis use disorder, cannabis-induced psychosis, and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. These are the diagnoses that many families are experiencing and that are misunderstood by the public.


Effects of THC


Support For Families

To help build community resiliency, Every Brain Matters provides recovery support resources for families to prevent, manage, or recover from a loved one who is addicted, experiencing psychosis, or has toxicity from cannabis use. We offer weekly Family Support Meetings led by a family addiction professional and a team of peers with lived experience with marijuana. We equip families with videos and blogs that answer tough questions about recovery, and using our private Facebook groups, we build valuable peer connections and share resources. The latest Family Support Meeting is from a young man named Kyle, who is recovering well after experiencing cannabis-induced psychosis for almost two years. 

Advocacy For Families

Legislators consistently hear from drug advocates and lobbyists, but they do not hear enough from families who have been harmed by marijuana. The EBM community is committed to changing this by sharing our personal experiences with legislators and advocating for drug prevention and recovery policies.  Recently, I, Aubree Adams, the director of Every Brain Matters, was quoted in the Washington Post. The Post quoted Adams saying, ‘She said her son struggled with marijuana use in Colorado, then moved to Texas for treatment. When she reconnected with him in December, Adams said, he was “skin and bones” and admitted he relapsed by using delta-8, describing it as easy to get in Texas.

“‘I just walk in there. I can buy it in gas stations,’” she recalled him saying. Adams last saw her son months ago. “I don’t get it. Why is Blue Bell ice cream pulled from the shelves when a few people are harmed, but these products are still on the shelves?”’

EBM advocacy efforts also made history when we held the first historic webinar, Marijuana Industry Victims Seeking Justice, pathways to file lawsuits against the marijuana industry.

The Resource the World Needs

We reject the false narrative that industrialized marijuana is a harmless expression of personal freedom. Our position is that THC in marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug. Like all drugs of abuse, it can destroy lives

We invite you to join The Every Brain Matters community. You will learn the truth about marijuana with articles backed by science. Please help us raise awareness and hope with powerful, inspiring testimonies on Our YouTube channel by subscribing, liking, and sharing. Together, we can turn the focus back to the health of our families and communities. 

Aubree Adams, Director of Every Brain Matters, Colorado mom and former host mom for youth in recovery.

Aubree Adams
Every Brain Matters

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