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Teachers play an important role in helping children understand the dangers of drug usage. It is important to engage with children aged 9-12 in positive ways about reinforcing constructive behaviours around drug usage. This can be done by having open and honest conversations about why people should not take drugs, and how it is a moral issue.

Asking the questions

When talking to children about drugs, it is important to start by asking them what they already know. This will help teachers understand their current level of knowledge and tailor the conversation accordingly. Teachers should also make sure to provide accurate information that is age appropriate. It is also important to talk about the consequences of taking drugs, such as health risks and legal issues.

Providing healthy alternatives

It is also important for teachers to emphasise that there are other activities that can be done instead of taking drugs, such as sports or hobbies. By providing positive alternatives, teachers can help children understand that there are healthier ways to have fun without resorting to drug use.

Listening and Following up

Finally, it is important for teachers to listen carefully when talking with children about drugs and be available for follow up conversations if needed. By being supportive and understanding, teachers can create a safe environment where children feel comfortable asking questions or expressing their concerns.

By engaging in positive conversations with children aged 9-12 about drug usage, teachers can help reinforce constructive behaviours and ensure that young people stay away from drugs.


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