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World Resiliency Week 26th – 30th of June | BECOME AN EMPOWER PROMOTER: Equipping and resourcing Gen Now to change the narrative

Building Resiliency against Drugs Use

For Gen Now

Rallying for Resiliency

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Changing the narrative

From the poxy spin of substance use being ‘cool’ to that for vision, real potential for hope, and an authentic future.

Welcome to the World Resiliency Day (Week) campaign, a global initiative dedicated to building resiliency against drug use amongst Gen Now (0-17 years of age).

Our core mission entails the shifting of the growing narrative that… “you can’t say no to drugs” to empowering the emerging generation to build capacity, agency, vision, purpose and the resiliency they bring, ensuring it’s easier to engage in best practice of saying NO to drugs.

“Resilient communities don’t use drugs – resilient families don’t want them.”

“Resiliency is like a bungee rope, it won’t stop you from falling, but it will stop you from going ‘splat’! Resilience helps you bounce back. It is managing complex issues of difficulty, duress, trauma or disappointment with, well developed problem solving skills, persistence of will, all founded on hope. Hope is not just the positive expectation of good, it’s also the reasonable grounds for it – Weaving that bungee rope starts with your ‘reasonable grounds’ – What are they?” Dalgarno Institute

2 essential questions

Who Are You? Who Will You Be?

At the heart of our campaign are two essential questions aimed at young teens: “Who are you?” and “Who will you be?”.

By exploring these questions, we hope to inspire adolescents to take charge of their own lives, make informed decisions about drug use, and understand the power they hold in shaping their future.

Message from the Media


Misinterpretation of drug policy and the misinformation that follows sees media and poorly resourced priorities in AOD (Alcohol & Other Drug) education policies contribute more to the normalization of drug use among young people, instead of prevention. Demand Reduction is the first priority of any AOD policy framework , but it is so completely under-resourced. World Resiliency Day seeks to challenge these narratives and promote accurate, evidence-based information that highlights not only the dangers of substance use but more importantly the best-practices in decision making that deny or delay substance uptake – building resilience into Generation Now.

world ressiliency day

Stand strong. Be resilient. Say no to drugs.

building character matters

What is World Resiliency Day?

World Resiliency Day is more than just a one-day event; it's a movement that aims to create lasting change in the lives of teenagers worldwide. Through interactive workshops, engaging activities, and empowering discussions, our campaign supports young people in developing the skills they need to overcome peer pressure, resist negative influences, and make healthy choices.

Making Character The Focus

“Making character the focus instead of drugs” is the mission we are committed to. 

Who Do We Partner With?

Our partners are people committed to building character in the community. From churches groups to professors at universities, to research leaders in the drug & alcohol feild. Join us in our mission.